New Retail Summit 2024

What is the New Retail Summit?

In 2020, we managed to bring to Slovakia an experience called "Retail Summit" that we have organized for 30 years in the Czech Republic. Why the adjective "New"? We have established a new tradition, with an emphasis on connecting online and offline retail into the world of "new retail". This summit meeting lasts two days, is visited by more than 400 people each year and includes specialized workshops, the main program and a gala evening. Preparations for the 5th year are in full swing!

Why are we doing it


We believe it makes sense

Personal meetings help companies develop not only business opportunities, but also the potential of people in companies. In the long term, conferences thus contribute to the cultivation of the business environment.


We enjoy it, and you too

Key players in the retail market have welcomed this event since the very first year. They come here to gain new energy, establish and strengthen relationships, and get inspiration.


We can do it

At Blue Events, we have been creating top meetings of managers from various fields of business for 30 years. We have developed hundreds of events in the Czech Republic and we are pleased to expand our activities also to Slovakia

Who is participating?

Each year, the New Retail Summit is attended by more than 400 representatives of retail companies and suppliers of goods and services. About half of the participants are representatives of the top company management.

Structure of participants of the last Summit

By sector specialization:
By the position in the company:

Feedback from participants


The Slovak Alliance of Modern Trade, the Slovak Trade Union, the Slovak Association for Branded Products, Mastercard and many other partners cooperate at the conference. Blue Events provides the concept, financing and organization of the entire event.


Gala Evening

A welcome part of the New Retail Summit is the accompanying program, especially the prestigious gala evening associated with the announcement of the winners of the Mastercard Retailer of the Year award.